Style manuals for medical writers

  • American Medical Association Manual of Style

  • Scientific Style and Format: The CSE Manual for Authors, Editors, and Publishers, published by the Council of Science Editors (formerly Council of Biological Editors)

  • APA Publication Manual, published by the American Psychological Association

How-to books for medical writers

  • How to Write, Publish, & Present in the Health Sciences, by TA Lang
  • The Elements of Graphing Data, by WS Cleveland
  • How to Write & Publish a Scientific Paper, by RA Day
  • Writing and Publishing in Medicine, by EJ Huth
  • Guidebook to Better Medical Writing, by RL Iles
  • How to Report Statistics in Medicine, by TA Lang, M Secic
  • Essays for Biomedical Communicators: Selected AMWA Workshops Vols 1 and 2; Minick P and, for volume 2, Witte FM, Taylor ND eds.
  • Medical English Usage and Abusage, by E Schwager
  • Essentials of Writing Biomedical Research Papers, by M Zeiger

General style manuals

  • The Chicago Manual of Style, The University of Chicago Press, 15th Edition
  • Scientific Style and Format,  Council of Science Editors, 7th Edition