2015-2016 Northern California Chapter Board Members

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Upcoming Event

Northern California Chapter May Meet-Up

Continuing our effort to further opportunities for personal interaction among our Chapter members, our next Meet-Up will be held in Berkeley. Discussion is impromptu; however, if you have a particular topic that you'd like to propose, please send it to Mimi Wessling in advance of the luncheon.

  • What: Northern California Chapter May Meet-Up

  • When: 11:30 AM; Saturday, May 7th, 2016

  • Where: La Méditerranée, 2936 College Avenue, Berkeley, CA 94103; 520.540.7773.

  • Parking is available behind the cafe. See the Map.

  • RSVP Deadline: RSVP Mimi Wessling by May 6th, Friday, Noon

  • Recent Event: AMWA Pacific Coast Conference (PCC) 2016

    A write up on this much-enjoyed, recent conference is in development. If anyone has any highlights they would like to share, please write our President Caren Rickhoff.

    Recent Meet-Up: Red Rock Coffee Co. in Mountain View

    Our event at Red Rock Cafe (second floor nook area), was graced by 15 attendees at our Meet-Up Saturday, February 20th at 2 pm. We took a leisurely, enjoyable time introducing ourselves and our networking needs. Caren Rickhoff mentioned the NorCal conference in San Francisco on April 16th. Attending at the Meet-Up were many people new to AMWA or to attending an AMWA event. And the proof? When long-time member Maggie Norris entered the room, she noticed that other than Caren, she didn't recognize anyone! The AMWA Northern California Meet-Ups have become a unique face-to-face opportunity. After an initial 20 minutes of food and drink handling logistics we were able to enjoy over an hour and a half of solid networking activities. Thanks to all for a memorable time! See you at a future Meet-Up!

    Recent Meet-Up: Mission Coffee in Fremont

    A group of six of us gathered on Saturday, November 14th at 3 pm. At the onset the question was posed "What can our chapter do for you?" Discussions included: location and transportation choices for future Meet-Ups; the success of the job board (one of the attended related her success story); book/writing resources; a request for info on key guidances (for example, access to the final draft of the ISE, International Summary Efficacy document); Request #1 for National AMWA: avoid/do not schedule National webinars during working hours (consider making webinar events "pay per access" using recordings as opposed to live events to increase accessibility by members); and Request #2 to National AMWA: look into possibility of having Webinars offering class credits. In short, an excellent meetup where the whole was enriched through the sum of its parts. Thanks to all the attendees for a memorable time. Keep an eye out for future meet-ups!

    Our Chapter

    The Northern California Chapter is one of twenty regional chapters of the American Medical Writers Association. With almost 250 members in Northern California, Nevada, and Hawaii, it has been an active and thriving chapter for over twenty years. AMWA members are an integral part of Northern California's large and dynamic medical products industry, as well as its eminent medical research and medical education communities.

    If you live within our geographic area, you are automatically added to our chapter membership when you join the national organization. If you would like to learn more about our chapter and opportunities to become more involved, please contact our President Caren Rickhoff.

    Site Mission

  • Help Northern California members keep in touch with the chapter and with each other

  • Represent our chapter in the biomedical and communications communities

  • Help writers find the education, tools, and information they need to use the Internet and other publishing media effectively in their professional lives